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IDA Migrator Plugin

IDA Migrator plugin aids migrating function names, structures and enums from one database instance to another.

This comes in handy when:

  • Moving to a newer version of IDA that does better analysis and you don't want to change in the new instance type information or variable names of the decompiled functions.
  • The current idb instance fails to decompile a function or the decompilation looks wrong in comparison to another idb instance of the same binary.
  • Experimenting on another idb instance before making major changes on the current instance.
  • A lightweight easy way of creating small incremental backups from the current work.
  • For w/e reason, the current idb instance you're working on gets corrupted.

IDA Migrator plugin developed using PyQt, hence should work on all platforms.

Getting Started

Download links can be found here.

Copy the files under the source directory and put them under your IDA installation plugins directory.

Start your current IDA instance you want to migrate from and then press CTRL+SHIFT+D to show the plugin's UI. Alternative; open it through the Edit -> Plugins -> IDA Migrator menu:


Step 1 - Exporting Data

Clicking the Export button will show all functions of the current database instance:

Exporter UI

Hint: You can uncheck any functions you want to exclude from exporting.

Once you click the Start Export button, it will ask you where would you like to export the files; One is the *symbols*.json storing addresses and function names and the other is *types*.idc having all the structures and enums information:

Exporter Files

Step 2 - Importing Data

In the new idb instance, open the plugin again and click on the Import button, which will then ask you to provide the *symbols*.json file:

Importer UI

Same procedure from here, just that once you click the Start Import button, it will ask you if you would like to import structures and enums as well from the exported *types*.idc file, that's optional for you to choose.

Note that it will only rename functions that does not have the same name and will output what functions has been affected in IDA's console:

Importer Results


Pull-Requests are greatly appreciated should you like to contribute to the project.

Same goes for opening issues; if you have any suggestions, feedback or you found any bugs, please do not hesitate to open an issue.


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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