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Kubernetes Setup for Prometheus and Grafana

Quick start

To quickly start all the things just do this:

kubectl apply \

This will create the namespace monitoring and bring up all components in there.

To shut down all components again you can just delete that namespace:

kubectl delete namespace monitoring

Default Dashboards

If you want to re-import the default dashboards from this setup run this job:

kubectl apply --filename ./manifests/grafana/import-dashboards/job.yaml

In case the job already exists from an earlier run, delete it before:

kubectl --namespace monitoring delete job grafana-import-dashboards

To access grafana you can use port forward functionality

kubectl port-forward --namespace monitoring service/grafana 3000:3000

And you should be able to access grafana on http://localhost:3000/login

More Dashboards

See for some example dashboards and plugins.

  • Configure Prometheus data source for Grafana.
    Grafana UI / Data Sources / Add data source

    • Name: prometheus
    • Type: Prometheus
    • Url: http://prometheus:9090
    • Add
  • Import Prometheus Stats:
    Grafana UI / Dashboards / Import

    • Dashboard:
    • Load
    • Prometheus: prometheus
    • Save & Open
  • Import Kubernetes cluster monitoring:
    Grafana UI / Dashboards / Import

    • Dashboard:
    • Load
    • Prometheus: prometheus
    • Save & Open


Alertmanager configs and integration in this repository was heavily inspired by the implementation in kayrus/prometheus-kubernetes.

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