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Awesome Open Source

This project is discontinued and should only be used for educational purposes.



This is a small UI for the mining API.


A working example of the development branch can be found here: Feel free to mine some hashes! ;)

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine or server.


  • php
    Tested on php7 but should work on almost all verions > php5
  • mysql
    no specific version needed


Download or clone this repository and copy its contents over to your web folder i.e. /var/www/


Open api/config.php.

$dbUser = "<DB USER>";
$dbPass = "<DB PASS>";
$dbName = "<DB Name>";

Replace the placeholders with your database credentials.
The next step is to fill in your '$coinHiveSecret'.
To find it log in to your coinhive account and click Setting on the top right corner then click Sites & API Keys and copy your Secret Key (private) and replace <Secret> with it.

The last step is to configure your sitekey.
Open scripts/miner.js and replace the key in this line

var siteKey = "IQHaechLpoNlho4NmXatRn4iPyQEhDmP"; //Change to your address

with your Site Key (public).

Latest Release

Screenshot latest release


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All monero recieved on this wallet will be transformed into beer.

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