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☂️ dashboard

Dashboard is the web-based user interface of Umbrel OS and is accessible at http://umbrel.local. It runs by-default as a containerized service.

🚀 Getting started

If you are looking to run Umbrel on your hardware, you do not need to run this service on it's own. Just download Umbrel OS and you're good to go.

🛠 Running dashboard

Make sure both umbrel-manager and umbrel-middleware are running and available.

Step 1. Install dependencies


Step 2. Set environment variables

The following environment variables are set in .env file of the project's root:

Variable Description Default
VUE_APP_MANAGER_API_URL URL of umbrel-manager API http://localhost:3006
VUE_APP_MIDDLEWARE_API_URL URL of umbrel-middleware API http://localhost:3005

If you want to change the local development environment (e.g. to use your local Umbrel instance), create the .env.development with the following content:


Step 3. Run dashboard

yarn serve

Dashboard should now be accessible at http://localhost:8080.

Building dashboard

To build dashboard for production, run:

yarn build

Built code will be inside /dist.

⚡️ Don't be too reckless

Umbrel is still in an early stage and things are expected to break every now and then. We DO NOT recommend running it on the mainnet with real money just yet, unless you want to be really #reckless.

❤️ Contributing

We welcome and appreciate new contributions!

If you're a developer looking to help but not sure where to begin, check out these issues that have specifically been marked as being friendly to new contributors.

If you're looking for a bigger challenge, before opening a pull request please create an issue or join our community chat to get feedback, discuss the best way to tackle the challenge, and to ensure that there's no duplication of work.

📜 License

Umbrel (and Umbrel Dashboard) is licensed under the PolyForm Noncommercial 1.0.0 license. TL;DR — You're free to use, fork, modify, and redestribute Umbrel for personal and nonprofit use under the same license. If you're interested to use Umbrel for commercial purposes, such as selling plug-and-play home servers with Umbrel, etc — please reach out to us at [email protected].


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