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Sentry SDK for React Native

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  • react-native >= 0.56.0


  • Automatic JS Error Tracking (using @sentry/browser)
  • Automatic Native Crash Error Tracking (using sentry-cocoa & sentry-android under the hood)
  • Offline storage of events
  • On Device symbolication for JS (in Debug)
  • Autolinking
  • Events with enriched device data
  • RAM bundle support
  • Hermes support
  • Expo support (sentry-expo)

Installation and Usage

To install the package:

npm install --save @sentry/react-native
# OR
yarn add @sentry/react-native

If you are using a version of React Native <= 0.60.x link the package using react-native.

react-native link @sentry/react-native
# OR, if self hosting
SENTRY_WIZARD_URL= react-native link @sentry/react-native

How to use it:

import * as Sentry from "@sentry/react-native";

  dsn: "__DSN__"

Sentry.setTag("myTag", "tag-value");
Sentry.setExtra("myExtra", "extra-value");
Sentry.addBreadcrumb({ message: "test" });

Sentry.captureMessage("Hello Sentry!");


If you are coming from react-native-sentry which was our SDK < 1.0 you should follow the upgrade guide and then follow the install steps.


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