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Minera Bitcoin mining dashboard

Minera is a complete system to manage and monitor your bitcoin mining hardware.

Since the 0.9.x version Minera supports also network miners as:

  • Antminer S9
  • Antminer L3+
  • Antminer D3

Since the 0.5.x version Minera supports also network miners as:

  • Antminer S1 / S3 / S5
  • Rockminer
  • Any network miner with cgminer
  • Other Minera system

Since the 0.3.x version Minera supports the following miner softwares:

Please read more how to config them here

If you like it, please consider a donation:

Bitcoin: 3K7aJNeSu3kCsjVKjQ4W9AzCfSFifJBkq3


Download from official server (DE)

Download from Torrent

Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4c77cb95769cba095b31993303304a15637b0024&

Look below for how to install / how to use it.


If you need support please try to look at the main forum thread here. If you found a bug, want to propose some changes, want a new feature, please write down an issue here in Github so we can take everything organised.


This is a list of some of the Minera's features:


  • Hashrate widget
  • Errors widget
  • Last share widget
  • Temperature widget
  • Main pool widget
  • Uptime widget
  • Local Miner details table with per device sort, search, pagination
  • Local Pools table with on-the-fly pool switch
  • Network Miner details table with per device sort, search, pagination
  • Network Pools table with on-the-fly pool changes
  • Devices tree with cool graph
  • Hashrate history
  • Errors/Rejects history
  • Sysload monitor
  • Bitcoin/Crypto currencies rates
  • Average hashrate stats
  • Web terminal window (like full SSH login)


  • Hashrate and Acceptes/Rejected/Errors
  • Hourly, daily, monthly, yearly


  • Pools setting with main/failovers
  • Mobileminer support - Remote monitoring (
  • Donations time based
  • Guided or Manual miner configuration
  • Device autotune
  • Device autodetection
  • Logging
  • Start frequency
  • Auto-recover mode
  • System timezone
  • Extra options
  • Scheduled event (reboot/restart)
  • Dashboard refresh time
  • Minera password management
  • Hostname change
  • System password change
  • Ability ato add custom miner software (like forks)
  • Skin selection


Minera should be installed on the mining controller, usually a Raspberry, with a Debian-like Linux distribution and of course an internet connection.

Note: You need a decent modern browser, Minera web interface it's NOT tested (and never will be) against IE, so please if you want have the best user experience DO NOT use Internet Explorer as browser.


You can choose for a img file to put in your SD Card or for a manual install.

Image file (img) v0.9.0 (Recommended)

This is the Minera image file for Raspberry PI, you have only to download it and put in your SD Card.

You need at least a 4GB SD Card:

Official Europe server:


Download from Torrent

Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4c77cb95769cba095b31993303304a15637b0024&

After boot up your controller, point your browser to:


Default passwords are "minera" you should change them as well as the miner settings.

Manual install (Some skills needed)

If you prefer you can simply install Minera on your current Linux controller. Check if it's a debian based one otherwise download and install a right distribution. If you have a Raspberry, I suggest you to install Raspbian you can get it here:

Simply download and put it in your SD card (there are tons of guide to do this, google it).

When you have your system ready, ssh into it and install Minera

You can use this script to install everything you need, (it's good for any kind of Debian system: Ubuntu, Raspbian, ecc...) or use the manual steps below:

curl -o- | sudo bash

Skip this step and continue below if you have a web server with PHP just installed.

sudo apt-get install -y lighttpd php7.0-cgi
sudo lighty-enable-mod fastcgi
sudo lighty-enable-mod fastcgi-php
sudo service lighttpd force-reload

When your web server is ready you can install Minera:

sudo apt-get install -y redis-server git screen php7.0-cli php7.0-curl
cd /var/www
sudo git clone
cd minera
sudo ./

The installer will configure the system requirements and will tell you the URL to connect to.

Default URL: http://<your-controller-ip>/minera/

Default password: minera

Important: minera system user has password "minera", you should change it if your system is a public host with SSH access.

sudo passwd minera

This isn't the web password, to change the web password, login into the web interface and go to Miner -> Settings

Miner command

The miner command binary path is:


They are pre-compiled for Raspberry (ARM) with the latest version available, please refer to each one if you wanna recompile it or use the build script.

For Ubuntu user only

If you want use any miner software on Ubuntu (or any other system architecture) you need to compile it and put the binary file in "minera-bin/" directory, pre-built miners are only for ARM architecture.


Minera will show you a notification icon in the upper right corner if a new version is available. Click the link to run the upgrade. Your miner will not be stopped, but you should restart it to take full advantages of updates.

If you wanna run and update manually or if you are in trouble and you wanna get a fresh updated code, just SSH into Minera and run these commands:

cd /var/www/minera
sudo git fetch --all
sudo git reset --hard origin/master
sudo ./

Your Minera system should be upgraded with the latest commit available.


Minera has a complete settings page where you can choose many options to start your miners.

You can add or remove pools for failover and select to be guided or to write your own configuration.

Go to settings (Miner -> Settings) and choose your preferred options.

A sample settings is pre-configured when you run the script.

Please remember to change your minera's settings or you will mine for my workers :)

Building miner software

Since version 0.3.6 Minera comes with a script to build updated version of every single miner software.

If you are in trouble with your binary file of Bfgminer for example, you can simply connect in SSH and run this:

cd /var/www/minera
./ <miner-name>

The script will do everything you need to have the binary file in the correct place and updated.

If you need a list of miner available just run the command without any argument.


If you wanna check your minera's screen session just SSH into it and attach the session:

ssh [email protected]<your-minera-ip>
screen -r

If you receive the following error:

Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/0' - please check.

Please run this commands:

script /dev/null
screen -r

If you have guided/manual options both selected in the settings page try run this:

echo -n "1" | redis-cli -x set guided_options
redis-cli del manual_options

If you wanna check the raw JSON stats from your minerd, please point your browser to:


If you wanna use a new Raspberry PI 2 and you are running a Minera version <= 0.4.0, you need to first upgrade packages from an old Raspberry, then you can use the same SD Card on the new one. Get a Raspberry PI (not 2), push the Minera SD Card on it, turn on and SSH into it, then run these commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

This could take a while (I mean also an hour, it's slow), but after that you can run your Minera SD Card in any Raspberry PI model, new ones included.


  • Create an img file “plug&play”
  • Add some errors control to installer
  • Add daily/weekly/monthly charts
  • Add more crypto-currencies exchange rates
  • Add more system monitor (CPU/Mem)
  • Add system temperature
  • Add cgminer/bfgminer support
  • Add email notification
  • Add start/stop daemon
  • Add Mobileminer actions
  • Add JSON config support


Click for hi-res images.









Web Terminal:

Web terminal

Blue skin:

Blue skin


Minera is a free and Open Source software, if you like it, please consider a donation to support it:

Bitcoin: 3K7aJNeSu3kCsjVKjQ4W9AzCfSFifJBkq3

Thanks and happy mining!

If you liked Minera, please try Betcoins, my new project on Bitcoin binary options.


I wish to thank every plugin, libraries, framework, icons, etc authors for their great job, in random order:


Copyright 2014 Michele Marcucci

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

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