A Storybook CSS regression utility based on headless Chrome.
Alternatives To Storysnap
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A Storybook CSS regression utility based on headless Chrome.
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Alternatives To Storysnap
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A CSS regression utility for Storybook based on headless Chrome.


  • You must have Chrome >= 59 installed on the machine where this script is running.*

npm i storysnap

You can also install it globally using '-g' flag and access it as simply storysnap.


Storysnap provides a CLI and also a programatic way to use it.

CLI usage

storysnap --output ./screenshots

The arguments are as follows:

  1. --output - (Optional) Location where the screenshots taken during nav will be saved.
  2. --port ( Default to 6006 ). The port on which Storybook runs or will be started
  3. --host ( Default localhost). The host on which Storybook will be started.
  4. --autostart ( Default false). Whether Storysnap should spin off a new instance of React Storybook instead of connecting to an already existing instance
  5. --bin - Indicated the location of the start-storybook binary. Used only if autostart is true.
  6. --config-dir ( Default .storybook ). The directory where the Storybook configuration resides.
  7. --concurrency ( Defaults to max number of CPUs availabl ). How many parallel workers to use for screenshots.

Programatic usage

There are 2 functions being exported by the package that can be used in a NodeJS app:

  • storysnap(options) - Returns a promise that is resolved when the screenshots have been taken. Options is an object similar to CLI options, but with keys camel cased( eg { output: 'screenshot', configDir: '.storybook'}).
  • startStorybookServer(options) - Programatically start a Storybook server. Returns a Promise that it's resolved when the server started.
const {storysnap} = require('storysnap');
    output: './screenshots',
    port: 6006,
    host: 'localhost',
    autostart: true
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