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Golang Microservices Boilerplate

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Example structure to start a microservices project with golang. Using a MySQL databaseSQL.

Manual Installation

If you would still prefer to do the installation manually, follow these steps:

Clone the repo:

git clone

If you need, configure the environment variables in file config.json, if you use docker-compose leave the variables set in the file config.json.example

cp config.json.example config.json

TL;DR command list

git clone
cd microservices-go
cp config.json.example config.json
docker-compose up  --build  -d

Table of Contents


  • Golang v1.14: Stable version of go
  • Framework: A stable version of gin-go
  • SQL databaseSQL: MariaDB using internal sql package of go sql
  • Testing: unit and integration tests using package of go testing
  • API documentation: with swaggo a go implementation of swagger
  • Dependency management: with go modules
  • Environment variables: using viper
  • Docker support
  • Code quality: with CodeFactor
  • Linting: with ESLint


Build and run image of docker

docker-compose up  --build  -d

Swagger Implementation

swag init -g routes/ApplicationV1.go

To visualize the swagger documentation on local use


Unit test command

# run recursive test
go test  ./test/unitgo/...
# clean go test results in cache
go clean -testcache

Lint inspection of go

golangci-lint run ./...
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