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FusionInventory Agent

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The FusionInventory agent is a generic management agent. It can perform a certain number of tasks, according to its own execution plan, or on behalf of a GLPI server with fusioninventory plugin, acting as a control point.


See FusionInventory solution overview



Minimum perl version: 5.8

Mandatory Perl modules:

  • File::Which
  • LWP::UserAgent
  • Net::IP
  • Text::Template
  • UNIVERSAL::require
  • XML::TreePP

Optional Perl modules:

  • Compress::Zlib, for message compression
  • HTTP::Daemon, for web interface
  • IO::Socket::SSL, for HTTPS support
  • LWP::Protocol::https, for HTTPS support
  • Proc::Daemon, for daemon mode (Unix only)
  • Proc::PID::File, for daemon mode (Unix only)

Inventory task

Optional Perl modules:

  • Net::CUPS, for printers detection
  • Parse::EDID, for EDID data parsing
  • DateTime, for reliable timezone name extraction

Optional programs:

  • dmidecode, for DMI data retrieval
  • lspci, for PCI bus scanning
  • hdparm, for additional disk drive info retrieval
  • monitor-get-edid-using-vbe, monitor-get-edid or get-edid, for EDID data access
  • ssh-keyscan, for host SSH public key retrieval

Network discovery tasks

Mandatory Perl modules:

  • Thread::Queue

Optional Perl modules:

  • Net::NBName, for NetBios method support
  • Net::SNMP, for SNMP method support

Optional programs:

  • arp, for arp table lookup method support

Network inventory tasks

Mandatory Perl modules:

  • Net::SNMP
  • Thread::Queue

Optional Perl modules:

  • Crypt::DES, for SNMPv3 support

Wake on LAN task

Optional Perl modules:

  • Net::Write::Layer2, for ethernet method support

Deploy task

Mandatory Perl modules:

  • Archive::Extract
  • Digest::SHA
  • File::Copy::Recursive
  • JSON::PP
  • URI::Escape

Mandatory Perl modules for P2P Support:

  • Net::Ping
  • Parallel::ForkManager

Related contribs

See CONTRIB to find references to FusionInventory Agent related scritps/files


Project websites:

Project mailing lists:

Project IRC channel:

  • #FusionInventory on FreeNode IRC Network

Please report any issues on project forge bugtracker.

Active authors

Copyright 2006-2010 OCS Inventory contributors

Copyright 2010-2018 FusionInventory Team

Copyright 2011-2018 Teclib Editions


This software is licensed under the terms of GPLv2+, see LICENSE file for details.

Additional pieces of software

The fusioninventory-injector script:

  • author: Pascal Danek
  • copyright: 2005 Pascal Danek

FusionInventory::Agent::Task::Inventory::Input::Virtualization::Vmsystem contains code from imvirt:

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