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Free Programming Books Zh_cn104,527
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:books: 免费的计算机编程类中文书籍,欢迎投稿
React In Patterns12,7442a month ago2July 29, 20167mitJavaScript
A free book that talks about design patterns/techniques used while developing with React.
Typescript Book Chinese5,993
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TypeScript Deep Dive 中文版
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A list of books 📚and articles 📝 for the discerning web developer to read.
Fullstack Web Developer Path3,347
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📚 A learning path for Full-stack web development
Learning React3,311
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The code samples for Learning React by Alex Banks and Eve Porcello, published by O'Reilly Media
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Learn basics of React.js making the tests pass
The Road To Learn React2,529
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📓The Road to learn React: Your journey to master plain yet pragmatic React.js
React Book2,018
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From apprentice to master (CC BY-NC-ND)
30 Days Of React1,940
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30 Days of React Content and Source Code
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React Daily UI Dolpins

A collection of React apps built by Jack Oliver and blogged by Sophia Shoemaker and the Fullstack React team.

Check out the full CodePen collection here.

We are excited to be partnering with Jack Oliver, a designer and developer who is embarking on an ambitious project to create 100 React UI components in 100 days.

In the series, we will be taking Jack Oliver's code and design and desconstructing them to give you a step-by-step picture of how all the pieces fit together and hopefully inspire you to write some React code of your own.


Day Preview Description Blog
001 Create a sign-up form ✅ 🐬 ➡️
002 Checkout form ✅ 🐬 ➡️
003 Netflix Landing Page ✅ 🐬 ➡️
004 3D Calculator ✅ 🐬 ➡️
005 Weather App Icon ✅ 🐬 ➡️
006 Profile Page ✅ 🐬 ➡️
007 Reactagram ✅ 🐬 ➡️


All of Jack Oliver's original designs and code are hosted on Codepen. For the purposes of this blog series, we have created this Github repository containing all the code for each daily component.

We've used the create-react-app tool to set up our environment. To run the code cd into each individual folder and run the following commands:

  1. npm install will install all the libraries you'll need to get each Daily UI running.

  2. npm start compiles all of your files and boots up a dev server. Browse to localhost:3000 to find your application running.


You'll need to have node and npm installed on your machine to run the commands. Head over to the node.js website and download the neccessary files to get those installed.


This series is a joint effort between:


git clone
cd react-daily-ui

Fullstack React Book

Fullstack React Book

This React Daily UI repository was built alongside the React Daily UI blog series.

This repo was written and is maintained by the Fullstack React team. In the book we cover many more projects like this. We walk through each line of code, explain why it's there and how it works.

This collection React application only a sample of what our book offers. If you're looking to learn React, there's no faster way than by spending a few hours with the Fullstack React book.

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