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A Vue.js client for Freedomotic framework.

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Scope of the project

This repository contains the implementation of a front end client for Freedomotic. The aim of this project is to reproduce all features already integrated in our Java frontend, that's available here.

To have a broad idea about its features you can have a look at our YouTube channel.


Dashboard Page

Dashboard page Dashboard page with environment menu open

Things Panel

Things Panel

Plugins Panel

Plugins Panel

Automations Panel

Automations Panel


Mobile home page Mobile things page Mobile plugins page Mobile automations page


In order to execute this fd-vue-webapp client locally, first you need to download and launch an instance of Freedomotic on your machine. Freedomotic is a framework built in Java, so the only pre-requirement to make it running is to have a Jre8 installation on your machine.

Download and launch the latest build of the framework

You can download the latest available daily build available here

The zipped version of this daily build contains a jar file, named freedomotic.jar that you can run by executing the following command:

java -jar freedomotic.jar

Freedomotic RESTful endpoints

Once launched, a local setup of Freedomotic RESTful APIs will be available at localhost:9111.

Freedomotic Polymer client, an inspiration

Some time ago we developed a first client prototype using Polymer (here it is a brief video showing its features). Polymer client source code is hosted here on GitHub: maybe you can look at it to have some inspiration.

WARNING: At the moment that project is deprecated.

Technical notes

This project uses Vue.js and Quasar framework.

How to launch it

Clone or fork this repository, then follows the following set of commands:

# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm run serve

# create a production build
npm run build


If you like to contribute to this project, please follow our guidelines, available here.


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