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A boilerplate for creating PyQt4/PySide and PyQt5/PySide2 applications running in Maya, Nuke, Blender, 3DS Max, Houdini, Unreal Engine or completely standalone.


Version 3.x

  • The entire boilerplate was re-written so it could be packaged and distributed with PyPi.
  • Adding Blender, 3DS Max, Houdini, and Unreal Engine support.

For details, see

Noteworthy known issues

  • Does not work with Nuke 10.0v1 on OS X: #7
  • Maya palette glitchy in standalone mode with PySide/PyQt4 on OS X (disabled by default): #9
  • Window will not stay on top of Nuke (OS X) without Qt.Tool or Qt.WindowStaysOnTopHint: #12


Easy way:

pip install pyvfx-boilerplate

Long way:

git clone
cd pyvfx-boilerplate
python sdist bdist_wheel
pip install dist/*

Example usage

Pip installs a program named pyvfx-boilerplate as an example Run as standalone: (you may need to additionally install PyQt4, PyQt5, PySide or PySide2 for standalone to work depending on your system configuration)


Run in script editor of Maya or Nuke:

import sys
from pyvfx_boilerplate import boilerplate_ui
bpr = boilerplate_ui.BoilerplateRunner()

Modifying the boilerplate

  • See inheritance example above

Development guidelines

Since the boilerplate relies on, you should design your application as if you were designing it for PyQt5/PySide2. This means creating widgets using QtWidgets rather than QtGui. The module takes care of the remapping and makes for compatibility with PyQt4/PySide. Read more over at the repository.

Tip: when you cannot rely on, create an issue (probably over at and/or detect which binding is being used and write some custom code:

from Qt import QtCompat

if QtCompat.__binding__ in ('PyQt4', 'PySide'):
    # Do something if PyQt4 or PySide is used

if QtCompat__binding.startswith('PySide'):
    # Do something if PySide or PySide2 is used

if QtCompat__binding == 'PySide2':
    # Do something if PySide2 is used


Something wrong, have a question or wish to file a feature request?

Open up an issue here!


If you wish to contribute, pull requests are more than welcome!

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