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The goal of this repository is to demonstrate a modern frontend setup for AngularJS projects, in such a way that it gets closer to how things are done with Angular. This project is using NPM as package manager, TypeScript and Webpack as module loader.

This is, by no means, ment to be used blindly in production.


  • [x] TypeScript 2
  • [x] TSLint
  • [x] @types
  • [x] Webpack 4 + Webpack dev server
  • [x] Karma + Jasmine
  • [ ] Protractor
  • [x] Styling using SASS
  • [x] NPM
  • [x] Code Coverage
  • [x] AngularJS 1.6
  • [x] UI Router 1+
  • [x] Strict DI using ngAnnotate
  • [x] Production build containing chunks


To use this starter you can simply clone it to your prefered location by using

 git clone <directory_name> --depth=1
 cd <directory_name>

and install the dependencies

 npm install

Once the repository has been cloned locally, you can use the following CLI commands:

npm start
npm run build
npm run test
npm run test:coverage

To run the production build, use:

npm run build:prd

If you would like to test the production build by running http-server, use

npm run serve:prd


Feel free to open an issue or create a PR.

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