Mobile App for Frappe built on Flutter
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Timliu Ios11,285
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Flutter Samples2,754
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Flutter Samples
Flutter Architecture Blueprints1,308
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Flutter Architecture Blueprints is a project that introduces MVVM architecture and project structure approaches to developing Flutter apps.
Jpush Flutter Plugin800
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JPush's officially supported Flutter plugin (Android & iOS). 极光推送官方支持的 Flutter 插件(Android & iOS)。
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Barcode scanner plugin for flutter. Supports barcode scanning for Android and iOS
32 years ago43April 28, 202057apache-2.0Dart
Pick image/video from album by flutter. Support ios and android. UI by flutter, no native.
4 years agoapache-2.0Dart
A client written by Flutter
a year ago34mit
Mobile App for Frappe built on Flutter
Book Recommended Daily103
2 years ago
Finclip Flutter Demo78
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FinClip Flutter 运行环境,让小程序在 Flutter 应用中无缝运行 / Flutter DEMO for FinClip
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Deprecation Warning

We are deprecating mobile apps as discussed here.

If you willing to take the development forward, you can fork the repo and continue the development.

Frappe Mobile

Access your ERPNext desk or any other Frappe desk anytime from your smartphone.

Desk Awesome Bar Form View


  1. Create/Update Docs
  2. Add/Remove Assignees, Tags
  3. Add/Remove/Download Attachments
  4. Add Comments, Send Email
  5. Appreciate/Criticize Users involved in specified Doc.
  6. Timeline
  7. Awesombar


  1. To run this Project first you need to Setup Flutter

  2. Install packages

flutter pub get
  1. Run the Project
flutter run


This Project roughly follows MVVM Architecture where each screen has seperate file and each stateful screen is contained in a folder with 2 files

  1. View file (layout logic)
  2. View Model File (data processing and state management).

This Project uses provider for State Management. hive, shared_preferences for storage. dio for making network requests.

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