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I'm still working on the project, so some things can be unimplemented yet.

This repository serves as an implementation of DDD, domain driven design, with usage of Symfony 3, PostgreSQL, and Redis as a backend and Vue.js/Sass as a frontend. The project is heavily inspired by DDD Cargo Sample in PHP.

The basis for the project is a fairly simple domain, a wish list. Each wish can have its own price, daily fee and a fund which is implemented as a list of deposits to the wish. Wish can be fulfilled and is fulfilled as soon as its fund has enough money. Mistaken deposits can be removed or transfered to another wish. Any wish can have surplus funds, so they can also be transfered to other wishes.


Clone the repository and run the following commands to install all the dependencies and build frontend scripts and styles:

cd /path/to/webroot
git clone
cd symfony-ddd-wishlist
composer self-update
composer install
npm install
./node_modules/.bin/encore dev

PostgreSQL, Redis, and PHP dev server

To simplify backend setup, the project uses a couple of Docker images (so you need to install Docker too) that you'll find in docker-compose.yml.dist file. Run the following commands to start PostgreSQL and Redis, and also fill the database with some data:

cp ./app/config/parameters.yml.dist ./app/config/parameters.yml
cp ./app/config/parameters_permanent.yml.dist ./app/config/parameters_permanent.yml
cp ./docker-compose.yml.dist ./docker-compose.yml
docker-compose up -d
php bin/console doctrine:fixtures:load --fixtures=/path/to/src/Infrastructure/Persistence/Doctrine/Fixture/LoadWishesData.php
php bin/console server:start

Project structure

TODO: write about project structure


If you have any problems using the application, please open a Github issue. The same applies to any questions or feature requests.


Any contribution is appreciated. This application serves as an example implementation of the domain driven design. I'd be very glad of any kind of shares of this repository being it a tweet, a post, a link, or whatever.


The application is covered by unit and functional tests. Functional tests use SQLite database. Before running tests, please copy PHPUnit's configuration file:

cp ./phpunit.xml.dist ./phpunit.xml

Then use the following command to run tests:


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