A Sonic Runners custom server.
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Alternatives To Outrun
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Outrun is a custom server for Sonic Runners, reverse engineered from the Sonic Runners Revival (Now uses Outrun) project.


  • Implement all non debug endpoints as fulfilled by the original server
  • Maintain speed throughout runtime
  • Consume little resources for conservative deployment

Current functionality


  • Timed Mode
  • Story Mode
  • Ring/Red Star Ring keeping
  • Functional shop
  • Character/Chao equipping
  • Character leveling and progression
  • Item/Chao roulette functionality
  • Events
  • Basic ranking


  • Android and iOS support
  • High score keeping
  • In game notices
  • Deep configuration options
  • Powerful RPC control functions
  • Ticker notices
  • Small database size and memory footprint
  • Low CPU usage
  • Analytics support


  1. Download and install Go 1.15.8 (NOTE: Go 1.16+ currently break the ability to build some or all of Outrun, such as RPC programs. A fix should hopefully be coming soon!)
  2. Download and install Git (for go get)
  3. Set your GOPATH environment variable
  4. Open a terminal/command prompt
  5. Use cd (Windows, Linux/macOS) to navigate to a directory of choice
  6. Run go get github.com/fluofoxxo/outrun and wait until the command line returns
  7. Run go build github.com/fluofoxxo/outrun and wait until the build is complete
  8. Run the produced executable (outrun.exe on Windows, outrun on Linux/macOS)

Binary releases can be found in the releases tab.

Modifying an APK to connect to your instance (from Windows)

  1. Install dnSpy (dnSpy-netcore-win64.zip)
  2. Install 7-Zip
  3. Install ZipSigner on an Android device or emulator
  4. Open a Sonic Runners v2.0.3 APK file with 7-Zip
  5. Navigate to assets/bin/Data/Managed and extract all the DLL files to their own folder
  6. Open Assembly-CSharp.dll in dnSpy
  7. Open the class NetBaseUtil, and find the variable mActionServerUrlTable
  8. Edit every string in the mActionServerUrlTable array to http://<IP>:<PORT>/ where <IP> is replaced by the IP for your instance and <PORT> is replaced by the port for your instance (Default: 9001)
  9. Repeat step 7 for mSecureActionServerUrlTable
  10. If you have an assets server, use its IP and port to replace the values in mAssetURLTable and mInformationURLTable to http://<IP>:<PORT>/assets/ and http://<IP>:<PORT>/information/ respectively
  11. Click File -> Save Module... and save the DLL file
  12. Drag the newly saved Assembly-CSharp.dll back into assets/bin/Data/Managed in 7-Zip, confirming to overwrite if asked
  13. Transfer the APK to an Android device and use ZipSigner to sign it
  14. Install the APK


Any pull requests deemed code improvements are strongly encouraged. Refactors may be merged into a different branch.

Palmbound (Public Development Server)

As of 1 September, 2019, an instance of this server named Palmbound is currently publicly accessible. App file downloads can be acquired by joining the Palmbound Download Discord server: https://discord.gg/eeQAe8R


Much thanks to:

  • YPwn, whose closest point of online social contact I do not know, for creating and running the Sonic Runners Revival server upon which this project bases much of its code upon.
  • @Sazpaimon for finding the encryption key I so desparately looked for but could not on my own.
  • nacabaro (nacabaro#2138 on Discord) for traffic logging and the discovery of DaGuAr's asset archive.

Additional assistance

  • Story Mode items
    • lukaafx (Discord @Kalu04#3243)
    • TemmieFlakes
    • SuperSonic893YT
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