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JSON file store

A simple JSON file store for node.js.

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WARNING: Don't use it if you want to persist a large amount of objects. Use a real DB instead.


npm install jfs --save


var Store = require("jfs");
var db = new Store("data");

var d = {
  foo: "bar"

// save with custom ID"anId", d, function(err){
  // now the data is stored in the file data/anId.json

// save with generated ID, function(err, id){
  // id is a unique ID

// save synchronously
var id = db.saveSync("anId", d);

db.get("anId", function(err, obj){
  // obj = { foo: "bar" }

// pretty print file content
var prettyDB = new Store("data",{pretty:true});
var id = prettyDB.saveSync({foo:{bar:"baz"}});
// now the file content is formated in this way:
  "foo": {
    "bar": "baz"
// instead of this:

// get synchronously
var obj = db.getSync("anId");

// get all available objects
db.all(function(err, objs){
  // objs is a map: ID => OBJECT

// get all synchronously
var objs = db.allSync()

// delete by ID
db.delete("myId", function(err){
  // the file data/myId.json was removed

// delete synchronously

Single file DB

If you want to store all objects in a single file, set the type option to single:

var db = new Store("data",{type:'single'});

or point to a JSON file:

var db = new Store("./path/to/data.json");

In memory DB

If you don't want to persist your data, you can set type to memory:

var db = new Store("data",{type:'memory'});

ID storage

By default the ID is not stored within your object. If you like, you can change that behavior by setting saveId to true or a custom ID

var db = new Store("data",{saveId:'myKey'});

custom ID generator

We use uuid v4 for ID generation if you don't pass an id when save a data. If you want, you can pass custom generator.

var i = 0;
var db = new Store("data",{
  idGenerator: function() {
    i = i + 1;
    return i;


npm test


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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