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Sample project based on the new Android Component Architecture

Lifecycle, LiveData, MVVM, ViewModels, DataBinding, Dagger, Retrofit

Alt sample

LiveData as Observables !

LiveDatas works like RxJava's Observables, they will notify the observer when the data is Available

public LiveData<User> getUser(String userName){
    final MutableLiveData<User> liveData = new MutableLiveData<>();

    githubAPI.user(userName).enqueue(new Callback<User>() {
            public void onResponse(Call<User> call, Response<User> response) {
                if(response.isSuccessful()) {

            public void onFailure(Call<User> call, Throwable t) {


    return liveData;

LifeCycle Owner

Use Support Fragment and AppCompatActivity to be attached to the application's state

public class MainFragment extends Fragment {

DataBinding and ViewHolders

reposAdapter = new ReposAdapter();
viewDataBinding.recyclerView.setLayoutManager(new LinearLayoutManager(getContext()));

//inject the viewmodel responding to User
//inject the viewmodel responding to List<Repo>

//fetch the user from the datasource
                .observe(this, new Observer<User>() {
                    public void onChanged(@Nullable User user) {

//fetch the repos from the datasource
                .observe(this, new Observer<List<Repo>>() {
                    public void onChanged(@Nullable List<Repo> repos) {
                        //when available, send it to the recyclerview

Dagger and Repository

public class UserViewModel extends ViewModel {

    private final GithubRepository githubRepository;

    public UserViewModel(GithubRepository githubRepository) {
        this.githubRepository = githubRepository;

    public LiveData<User> getUser(String userName) {
        //userLiveData will be notified when the user is fetched
        return githubRepository.getUser(userName);
Android app on Google Play

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