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Take full control of re-frame application.



Current state for app-db and subscriptions sorted by keys

Events with app-db difference for each event

re-frame tracing (Important: trace should be enabled)

Events and timeline (Important: with lots of events and high zoom might be slow, pause or clear events when working with timeline)


Graph for an epoch

Graph accumulated for an app life with weights (Important: with lots of subscriptions rendering might be slow!)


Latest stable version: Clojars Clojars

[re-frisk "1.3.10"] [re-frisk-remote "1.3.11"]

Important: Please note the following compatibility table:

re-frisk Version React Version Reagent Versions
^1.3.4 React 16.13.0 1.x.x
1.1.0-1.3.3 React 16.13.0 0.10.x
1.0.0 React 16.9.0 0.9.x
0.5.3 React 16 - 16.8.6 0.8.x

Web application


re-frisk will be embedded in the DOM of your application. So my suggestion is to use re-frisk-remote, it doesn't affect your application and has more features

  1. Add re-frisk as a dev dependency [re-frisk "1.3.10"]

  2. Enable re-frisk

    :preloads [re-frisk.preload]


    (:require [re-frisk.core :as re-frisk])


React Native, Electron or Web applications


  1. Add re-frisk as a dev dependency [re-frisk-remote "1.3.11"]

  2. Enable re-frisk on default port (4567):

    :preloads [re-frisk-remote.preload]


    (:require [re-frisk-remote.core :as re-frisk-remote])


  3. Start re-frisk on default port (4567):

    shadow-cljs run re-frisk-remote.core/start


    add in deps.edn

    :aliases {:dev {:extra-deps {re-frisk-remote {:mvn/version "1.3.5"}}}}}

    create re_frisk.clj

    (ns re-frisk
     (:require [re-frisk-remote.core :as re-frisk-remote]))

    clj -R:dev re_frisk.clj

Open re-frisk in a browser at http://localhost:4567

When remote debugging on an Android device you might need to enable reverse socket connections on port 4567:

adb reverse tcp:4567 tcp:4567

Enable traces


:compiler-options {:closure-defines {"re_frame.trace.trace_enabled_QMARK_" true}}


:compiler         {:closure-defines {"re_frame.trace.trace_enabled_QMARK_" true}}


External window dimensions

(re-frisk/enable {:ext_height 1000 :ext_width 1200})

If you don't need to watch events you can disable them

(re-frisk/enable {:events? false})

or exclude specific events

(re-frisk/enable {:ignore-events #{::timer-db}})

Using custom IP or port

(re-frisk-remote/enable {:host ""})

(re-frisk-remote/start {"7890"})

Normalize app-db before send to re-frisk

(re-frisk-remote/enable {:normalize-db-fn (fn [app-db] (reduce ...))})

bonus re-frame 6-domino cascade

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