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React-contexify CI npm npm license



Go here.


Using yarn

$ yarn add react-contexify

Using npm

$ npm install --save react-contexify

The gist

import React from 'react';
import { Menu, Item, Separator, Submenu, MenuProvider, useContextMenu } from 'react-contexify';
import 'react-contexify/dist/ReactContexify.css';

const MENU_ID = 'blahblah';

function App() {
  const { show } = useContextMenu({
    id: MENU_ID,

  function handleContextMenu(event){
      show(event, {
        props: {
            key: 'value'
  const handleItemClick = ({ event, props }) => console.log(event,props);

  return (
    <p onContextMenu={handleContextMenu}>lorem ipsum blabladhasi blaghs blah</p>  
    <Menu id={MENU_ID}>
      <Item onClick={handleItemClick}>Item 1</Item>
      <Item onClick={handleItemClick}>Item 2</Item>
      <Separator />
      <Item disabled>Disabled</Item>
      <Separator />
      <Submenu label="Foobar">
        <Item onClick={handleItemClick}>Sub Item 1</Item>
        <Item onClick={handleItemClick}>Sub Item 2</Item>


Any idea and suggestions are welcome. Please have a look at the contributing guide.


React Contexify is licensed under MIT.

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