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grafana-on-raspberry (and arm64) Release Build Status

Warning Notice: End of Life

Starting from v5.2.0-beta1 Grafana introduced official support for armv7 and arm64 linux platforms. Many thanks to them for that.

As a consequence, this repo is no more needed and stops support starting from v5.2.0-beta1.

If you are using unofficial builds from this repo, you are invited to upgrade to official builds.

Should you need armv6 build, you are invited to ask official support.

raspberry pi 1 (armv6) raspberry pi 2 and 3 (armv7) arm64
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Grafana unofficial packages for arm based raspberry pi (1, 2 and 3) and arm64/aarch64.

Grafana doesn't provide packages for arm, so the purpose of this repo is to provide notes on how you can build Grafana yourself and packages I build according to these notes.

Deb packages and tarballs are available from the github release section (only pi 2 and pi 3) and most recent ones are also available from a deb repo on bintray (including for pi 1 and arm64/aarch64). See the wiki for details.


Notes and tools to crossbuild Grafana. Used to build on travis.


The docker/ folder contains Dockerfile and related files to build images running grafana for armhf. Corresponding images are on dockerhub.


This directory contains notes for versions from 2.1.2 up to 3.1.1 for wheezy and jessie distro.

Other boards

These packages have been reported to work on some other armv6/armv7 boards running debian-like os like odroid or orange pi. See the FAQ for details.


Grafana license.

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