Kirby Mandrill Driver

The missing mail driver for the awesome Kirby CMS.
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Kirby1,05562874 hours ago193September 07, 2023123otherPHP
Kirby's core application folder
Kirby Builder4062a year ago15November 18, 202017Vue
A site builder extension for Kirby CMS
Kirby Focus1751a year ago8January 16, 20222mitPHP
Better image cropping for Kirby CMS
Kirby Visual Markdown174
6 years ago23gpl-3.0JavaScript
Visual Markdown Editor for Kirby CMS 2
2 months ago66March 08, 2023PHP
Kirby's sample site – the easiest way to get started with Kirby
Kirby Secrets130
6 years ago3
Unofficial documentation for Kirby CMS. It's is NOT maintained by the Kirby crew.
Kirby3 Static Site Generator130
a month ago26August 16, 2022mitPHP
Static site generator plugin for Kirby 3. With this plugin you can create a directory with assets, media and static html files generated from your pages. The result is an even faster site with less potential vulnerabilities.
6 months ago1February 12, 20214mitPHP
Kirby's Query Language API combines the flexibility of Kirby's data structures, the power of GraphQL and the simplicity of REST.
Woods117116 years ago11April 21, 20172otherJavaScript
Node.js file based CMS inspired by Kirby & Stacey.
Kirby Staticbuilder109
13 years ago13November 12, 20175mitPHP
Static HTML exporter for Kirby CMS (v2 only)
Alternatives To Kirby Mandrill Driver
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Mandrill mail driver for Kirby

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The missing Mandrill mail driver for the awesome Kirby CMS by Bastian Allgeier.


Copy & Pasting

If not already existing, add a new plugins folder to your site directory. Then copy or link this repositories whole content in a new kirby-mandrill-driver folder there. Afterwards, your directory structure should look like this:


Git Submodule

If you are an advanced user and know your way around Git and you already use Git to manage you project, install this plugin by adding it as a Git submodule:

$ cd your/project/root
$ git submodule add site/plugins/kirby-mandrill-driver

To update this plugin, all you need to do is to run these two Git commands:

$ cd your/project/root
$ git submodule update --remote site/plugins/kirby-mandrill-driver
$ git commit -am 'Updating Mandrill driver.'


$email = new Email(array(
    'to'      => '[email protected]',
    'from'    => '[email protected]',
    'subject' => 'Yay, Kirby sends mails',
    'body'    => 'Hey, this is a test email!',
    'service' => 'mandrill',
    'options' => array(
        'key' => 'YOUR-MANDRILL-API-KEY'

if ($email->send()) {
    echo 'The email has been sent via Mandrill';
} else {
    echo $email->error()->message();

See the Kirby docs for further details.

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