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This FTP server is a gateway between old-school FTP devices and modern cloud based file systems, using the afero's Fs interface and acting as a reference implementation of the ftpserverlib.

At the current stage, supported backend are:

And with those are supported common parameters to switch them to read-only, enable login access, or use a temporary directory file (see doc).

Current status of the project


FTP protocol

These features are brought by ftpserverlib itself:

  • Uploading and downloading files
  • Directory listing (LIST + MLST)
  • File and directory deletion and renaming
  • TLS support (AUTH + PROT)
  • File download/upload resume support (REST)
  • Complete driver for all the above features
  • Passive socket connections (EPSV and PASV commands)
  • Active socket connections (PORT command)
  • Small memory footprint
  • Only relies on the standard library except for:
  • Supported extensions:
    • AUTH - Control session protection
    • AUTH TLS - TLS session
    • PROT - Transfer protection
    • EPRT/EPSV - IPv6 support
    • MDTM - File Modification Time
    • SIZE - Size of a file
    • REST - Restart of interrupted transfer
    • MLST - Simple file listing for machine processing
    • MLSD - Directory listing for machine processing

Getting started

Get it

Download it

Fetch a binary from the latest release and run it.

Build & run it locally

go install[email protected]

ftpserver &

Run it with docker

There's also a containerized version of the server (31MB, based on alpine).

# Creating a directory
mkdir -p files

# Starting the sample FTP server
docker run --rm -d -p 2121-2130:2121-2130 -v $(pwd)/files:/tmp -v $(pwd):/app fclairamb/ftpserver

Run it with docker compose

# docker-compose.yml

version: '3.3'
      - '2121-2130:2121-2130'
      - ./files:/tmp
      - .:/app
    image: fclairamb/ftpserver
docker-compose up -d

Test it

This is a quick way to see if it's working correctly:

# Download some file
[ -f kitty.jpg ] || (curl -o kitty.jpg.tmp && mv kitty.jpg.tmp kitty.jpg)

# Upload it to the server
curl -v -T kitty.jpg ftp://test:[email protected]:2121/

# Download it back
curl ftp://test:[email protected]:2121/kitty.jpg -o kitty2.jpg

# Compare it
diff kitty.jpg kitty2.jpg

Config file

If you don't create a ftpserver.json file, one will be created for you.

Here is a sample config file:

   "version": 1,
   "passive_transfer_port_range": {
      "start": 2122,
      "end": 2130
   "tls": {
      "server_cert": {
         "cert": "cert.pem",
         "key": "key.pem"
   "accesses": [
         "user": "test",
         "pass": "test",
         "fs": "os",
         "params": {
            "basePath": "/tmp"
         "user": "test",
         "pass": "test",
         "fs": "os",
         "params": {
            "basePath": "/tmp"
         "user": "dropbox",
         "pass": "dropbox",
         "fs": "dropbox",
         "params": {
            "token": "..."
         "user": "gdrive",
         "pass": "gdrive",
         "fs": "gdrive",
         "params": {
            "google_client_id": "***",
            "google_client_secret": "****",
            "base_path": "ftp"

         "user": "s3",
         "pass": "s3",
         "fs": "s3",
         "params": {
            "endpoint": "",
            "region": "eu-west-1",
            "bucket": "my-bucket",
            "access_key_id": "AKIA....",
            "secret_access_key": "IDxd....",
            "disable_ssl": "false",
            "path_style": "false"
         "user": "sftp",
         "pass": "sftp",
         "fs": "sftp",
         "params": {
            "username": "user",
            "password": "password",
            "hostname": ""

You can generate the TLS key pair files with the following command:

openssl req -new -newkey rsa:4096 -x509 -sha256 -days 365 -nodes -out cert.pem -keyout key.pem

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