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Hash Checker

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About application

Fast and simple application for generating and comparison hashes from files or text.

Supporting algorithms

Name Since version Status
MD5 1.0.0 Supporting
SHA-1 1.0.0 Supporting
SHA-224 1.4.0 Supporting
SHA-256 1.0.0 Supporting
SHA-384 1.4.0 Supporting
SHA-512 1.0.0 Supporting
CRC-32 2.9.0 Supporting

Supporting languages

You can help with translation on OneSky.

Languages in app

Language Since version Status
English 1.0.0 Translated
Español 2.9.9 Help wanted
Deutsch 2.9.6 Translated
Français 2.9.9 Help wanted
Italiano 2.9.9 Help wanted
Magyar 2.9.9 Help wanted
Nederlands 2.9.9 Help wanted
Svenska 2.9.9 Help wanted
Ελληνικά 2.9.9 Help wanted
Русский 2.9.6 Translated
Polski 2.9.9 Help wanted
简体中文 2.9.9 Translated
한국어 2.9.9 Help wanted
עברית 2.9.9 Help wanted
فارسی 2.9.9 Translated

Not translated

Language Since version Status
Bahasa Indonesia - Help wanted
हिंदी - Help wanted
Українська мова - Help wanted
日本語 - Help wanted
norsk - Help wanted
čeština - Help wanted
suomi - Help wanted
Tiếng Việt - Help wanted
srpski - Help wanted
dansk - Help wanted

Screenshots (Light theme)

Screenshots (Dark theme)

How to use


Black Duck Open Hub

Privacy Policy


If you have any question or feature idea for app, you can open issue on this page or contact me by email [email protected].

How to build unsigned .apk from command line without IDE

From project directory run:

$ ./gradlew clean
$ ./gradlew assembleDebug

Go to app -> build -> outputs -> apk -> debug and find hash-checker_VERSION.apk where 'VERSION' is number of app version.

How to contribute

Read Commit Convention. Make sure your build is green before you contribute your pull request. Then:

$ ./gradlew clean
$ ./gradlew build
$ ./gradlew connectedCheck

If you don't see any error messages, submit your pull request.


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