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Mailer For Delphi

Mailing tool aimed for simplicity, for sending e-mails of any complexity in Delphi. This includes e-mails with plain text and/or html content, embedded images and separate attachments, SMTP, SMTPS / SSL and SMTP + SSL. The Mailer4Delphi provides a driver-independent framework to build mail and messaging applications.

The e-mail message structure is built to work with all e-mail clients and has been tested with many different webclients as well as some mainstream client applications such as MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Mailer Adapters Drivers

The Mailer4Delphi is available for the following drivers:

  • Indy
  • MAPI
  • Synapse
  • Outlook

You can use the driver that suits you best.

Using Mailer4Delphi

Using this API will is very simple, you simply add the Search Path of your IDE or your project the following directories:

  • Mailer4Delphi\src

Of course, you must add the path the units of the chosen driver.

Example of use:


  mailer: IMailer;
  // Here you can create from any driver.
  mailer := TIndyMailer.Create;
	.Username('[email protected]')
	.From('Test', '[email protected]')
	.ToRecipient('[email protected]')
	.CcRecipient('[email protected]')
	.BccRecipient('[email protected]')
	.Subject('Subject Test')
	.Message('Message Test')
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