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Fixture is a no-bullshit, free and open source raster graphics editor.


Fixture is an attempt to be a multiplatform, free and open source replacement for Adobe Photoshop. This aims to solve the need for having a proper raster graphics editor with a clean and focused UI, to help graphic artists and regular users morph or create images quickly, even on a Linux distribution.

Example window [WIP] Fixture screenshot(WIP)


Fixture, as of now is a work in progress. The master branch has the latest compilable but not necessary the most stable version. To grab a copy of Fixture, simply clone the repository.

git clone

Install the latest version of Qt Creator from here. You can then open the file with Qt Creator and compile the program to an executable. You can find more info here.

If you'd like to use qmake, make sure you are running it on or above Qt 5.10.

We also plan to provide appimages and builds for Windows & Mac in the future.


If you are having troubles figuring out how to make Fixture work, or have any queries/suggestions, join our telegram group: You can mailto:[email protected].


The Roadmap file contains a high level description of our TODO list in terms of feature addition. You can help us extend it by adding features we might have missed.


To contribute to Fixture, fork the repo, create a new branch and send us a pull request. Make sure you read the before sending us PRs. We welcome all sorts of contribution ranging from documentation to bug fixes. If you can find any bugs or want us to implement a feature, raise an issue. Keep in mind that it is a Work in Progress and what you could be asking for is already in our TODO list.


Fixture is licensed under Eyeon General License which is adapted from zLib license. Refer to the LICENSE file for more information.

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