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Awesome Open Source

If you have problems injecting, read below!


This is a featured CS:GO internal cheat written in less than 2500 lines, and in one C file. I encourage you to submit feature suggestions and issues with the cheat!

If anyone who has contributed in the past and had received a push to main from their pull request, I'd be happy to give you access to the beta branch if you want to contribute further without making a pull request.

You can join here


  • draggable gui

gui image

thanks es3n1n for making the menu draggable!

common issues

If you're having problems injecting, I encourage use to use SingleFile Injector, an injector that bypasses's CS:GO LoadLibrary check. You can find it in the SFI folder.


a simple config system is included with this cheat. there is currently only one config, however we plan to expand this.. the save & load buttons operate on a config file "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive\singlefile.cfg", where the config is stored as a binary representation of the config structure. Unfortunately, a more user editable config system such as JSON is not possible due to size constraints.

code style

this was programmed with the intention of being a single-file cheat, as well as a target line count of under 1000. i achieved both of these with the initial version i am posting.



adds esp, as well as basic misc.


adds triggerbot, radar, and other misc functions


adds draggable menu, rank revealer, use spam and flash reducer


fixes sound issue


adds customizable triggerbot key, vote revealer and code cleanup

v2.0 wip

adding things

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