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XSS'OR - Hack with JavaScript.


You can have a try: and

It contains three major modules: Encode/Decode, Codz, Probe.


Python 3 with Django 3.0.* or Python 2 with Django 1.11.*

xssor.cmd_url = location.protocol + '//'; // replace to your domain or ip address
  • pip3/pip install -r requirement.txt
  • python3/python runserver

Browser http://[yourip]:8000 to enjoy.

If you want to deploy it with Nginx, you can use uWSGI.

If you want to delete probe automatically, you can use crontab to this script file(xssor/

Try it by yourself.


You can build this project with docker

docker build -t xssor:latest .

Run the app with

docker run -d -p [port]:8000 xssor:latest [probe domain or ip]


UPDATE: 2020/07/28

*. Increase support for docker.

UPDATE: 2020/02/05

*. Compatible with Python 2 and Python 3.
*. Compatible with Django 1.11.* and Django 3.0.*.
*. Fix some bugs.

UPDATE: 2018/07/29

*. Compatible with HTTP and HTTPS.

UPDATE: 2017/09/23

*. Upgrade JS BEAURIFY.
*. Fix PACKER/UNPACKER error bug.

UPDATE: 2017/08/20

*. Increase support for mobile more friendly.

UPDATE: 2017/08/13

*. Fix Probe bug to file:// protocol.
*. Fix Probe bug in mobile app while without cookie.
*. Improve Probe Status.

UPDATE: 2017/05/07

*. Encode/Decode, enhanced.
*. Codz, enhanced.
*. Probe, free to try.
*. Complete rewriting with Python, Django, Bootstrap, jQuery, ...
*. Independent domain:


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