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Embark3,7344593 months ago46April 27, 2020133mitJavaScript
Framework for serverless Decentralized Applications using Ethereum, IPFS and other platforms
4 years ago49April 18, 201915mitJavaScript
Squeezer Framework - Build serverless dApps
Discord Ethereum Authentication112
a year agon,ullmitJavaScript
🛰 A Serverless Discord bot for Ethereum authentication.
Awesome Orbitdb100
5 months ago1other
Useful resources for using OrbitDB and building projects on it
Serverless Ethers31
6 months ago
Serverless smart contract automation service, built on the Serverless framework.
Bots20315 years ago2May 17, 2017gpl-3.0JavaScript
[DEPRECATED] Tradle bot framework, allows to drive user interactions in Tradle mobile and web apps and (soon) using smart contracts for critical functions
6 years agogpl-3.0JavaScript
Periodically buy cryptocurrencies (Dollar Cost Average) in BitStamp using AWS Lambda scheduled events
If Be10
4 years agomitJavaScript
5 years agoJavaScript
a music marketplace DApp with a Ethereum/IPFS based decentralized serverless architecture handling the backend.
Mom Client5
2 years ago23mitJavaScript
MOM (My Own Messages) Client - A voice for you and your smart contracts
Alternatives To If Be
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EthTTT- "If This, Then That" for Ethereum

Automate your favorite on-chain activities! No coding necessary. #EthDenver 2019 Submission

This is currently under development ⚠️

You should 1. Use a testnet and 2. Use a public/private keypair WITHOUT a balance of Main Net Ether.


EthTTT aims to be the "If This Then That" of Ethereum. A user should be able to define a "trigger" with conditions for which an "action" would fire. Both triggers and actions can be on or off-chain event. We've since learned of projects such as @MaticNetwork's Zapier integration and EthVelcro(another EthDenver Submission).

EthDenver Submission Link on Kauri


  • If there's a large transfer of your favorite token, send a text notification to your phone.
  • If my CDP is approaching liquidation, then top off your CDP.
  • If the price of Ethereum drops below $300, then trade your ether for dai.
  • If a DAO I participate in starts a vote, then send a text notification to your phone.

Guiding Principles

  1. To allow non-developers to define their own no-code triggers and actions
  2. To allow developers to contribute new triggers and actions.

Work In Progress

Triggers Inputs Status
Ether price limit (low) limitPrice
Ether price limit (high) limitPrice 🔜
Block Number blockNumber 🔜
Actions Inputs Status
Transfer Ether toAddress, privateKey
Send SMS Text phoneNumber, msg 🔜


EthTTT is built on the serverless framework. Serverless is a framework for deploy AWS Lambda functions, along with the AWS infrastructure resources they require (we use DynamoDB). Although our team is admittedly new to serverless, it seemed to be an ideal use case for running cron jobs and composing tasks from trigger-action pairs.

We refer to "If" conditions as Triggers and "Then" conditions as Actions. Triggers and Actions are combined to compose a new Task.

How to run locally:

  1. npm i
  2. npm i serverless -g (recommended)
  3. npm run deploy


Started by @corbpage @conroydave @iamchrissmith, @pakaplace and @jdstorey_

Corbin Page
Corbin Page

John Danger Storey
John Danger Storey

Chris Smith
Chris Smith

Parker Place
Parker Place

💻 📖
David Conroy
David Conroy

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