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Ethereumjs Monorepo2,2615,3332,24815 hours ago85June 03, 2022127TypeScript
Monorepo for the Ethereum VM TypeScript Implementation
Wasmi1,118152295 hours ago26January 06, 202217apache-2.0Rust
WebAssembly (Wasm) interpreter.
a year agon,ullapache-2.0Go
Burrow1,01621a year ago86December 09, 202153apache-2.0Go
3 years ago67apache-2.0
Ewasm Design Overview and Specification
Evmc283521 days ago143March 23, 202143apache-2.0C
EVMC – Ethereum Client-VM Connector API
Sputnikvm24717143 years ago33November 13, 201814apache-2.0Rust
A Blockchain Virtual Machine
8 months ago33apache-2.0C++
Hera: Ewasm virtual machine conforming to the EVMC API
Iele Semantics131
a year ago30otherHTML
Semantics of Virtual Machine for IELE prototype blockchain
Ethereumjs Blockchain122139313 years ago35July 27, 2020TypeScript
Project is in active development and has been moved to the EthereumJS VM monorepo.
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EthereumJS Monorepo

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This repository holds various protocol building blocks of the Ethereum blockchain execution layer and is managed by the Ethereum Foundation JavaScript team. There is a TypeScript implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) ready to be used in Node.js or a browser environment, implementations of core structural blockchain building blocks like an Ethereum Tx, Block or Blockchain as well as a Trie (Merkle Patricia Tree) and devp2p (execution networking layer) implementation.

All libraries are bound together by the core Common library keeping track of chain specifics and hardfork changes. They are complemented by helper packages like RLP for data encoding/decoding or Util, providing helper functionalities like (byte) conversion, signatures, types and others.

Finally, the EthereumJS Execution Client (EthereumJS) has been in active development for some time now. It already serves a variety of purposes like testing, research (e.g. EIPs) and developer tooling to engage with the protocol.

Also to note: on the Ethereum Consensus side, the ChainSafe Lodestar repository complements this repository with an Ethereum Consensus Client implementation as well as various protocol implementations (like an SSZ library) developed in the context of Ethereum Consensus layer evolution.


Below you can find a list of the packages included in this repository.

package npm issues tests coverage
@ethereumjs/block NPM Package Block Issues Actions Status Code Coverage
@ethereumjs/blockchain NPM Package Blockchain Issues Actions Status Code Coverage
@ethereumjs/client NPM Package Client Issues Actions Status Code Coverage
@ethereumjs/common NPM Package Common Issues Actions Status Code Coverage
@ethereumjs/devp2p NPM Package Devp2p Issues Actions Status Code Coverage
@ethereumjs/ethash NPM Package Ethash Issues Actions Status Code Coverage
@ethereumjs/evm NPM Package EVM Issues Actions Status Code Coverage
@ethereumjs/rlp NPM Package rlp Issues Actions Status Code Coverage
@ethereumjs/statemanager NPM Package StateManager Issues Actions Status Code Coverage
@ethereumjs/trie NPM Package Trie Issues Actions Status Code Coverage
@ethereumjs/tx NPM Package Tx Issues Actions Status Code Coverage
@ethereumjs/util NPM Package Util Issues Actions Status Code Coverage
@ethereumjs/vm NPM Package VM Issues Actions Status Code Coverage


The following are our currently active branches:

Branch Release Series Status  Description
master v7 Active Upcoming v7 release branch (see Issue #2561)
maintenance-v6 v6 Maintenance Maintenance for v6 releases (current)

Note: For this last weeks before our upcoming v7 breaking release series (~July 2023) we use our master branch for final v7 development and have side-pushed current release series (v6) maintenance to a separate maintenance-v6 branch.

Breaking releases are done in sync for all libraries, and release cycles are named after the @ethereumjs/vm version. In most cases PRs should be opened towards the current working branch.

To inspect code related to a specific package version, refer to the tags.

Coverage report

Detailed version can be seen on

Code Coverage

Package dependency relationship

 graph TD
   ethash --> blockchain
   ethash --> client
   devp2p --> client
   block --> client
   block --> blockchain
   block --> ethash
   block --> vm
   blockchain --> client
   blockchain --> vm
   trie --> client
   trie --> vm
   trie --> blockchain
   trie --> block
   trie --> statemanager
   common --> block
   common --> statemanager
   common --> tx
   common --> blockchain
   common --> vm
   common --> evm
   common --> client
   common --> devp2p
   evm --> vm
   evm --> client
   tx --> block
   tx --> vm
   vm --> client
   statemanager --> vm

To update the diagram above edit the README file and open a new PR with the changes.

Getting Started

See our monorepo documentation to get started on setting up the repository and installing dependencies. The config folder gives an overview on shared configuration and scripts between packages.


See our organizational documentation for an introduction to EthereumJS as well as information on current standards and best practices. If you want to join for work or carry out improvements on the libraries, please review our contribution guidelines first.


Most packages are MPL-2.0 licensed, see package folder for the respective license.

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