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AEM Dispatcher Security Scan

A commandline tool to perfom an active security scan against a AEM Dispatcher.

This tool tries to unify all known security relevant AEM Dispatcher URLs from the internet.

If you know some more URLs, please open a Github issue to report them.


$ ./ --help

Usage: [OPTIONS]

  Commandline interface for AEM Dispatcher Security Scan

  --website-url TEXT        Set URL of website e.g.
  --website-page-path TEXT  Set path of website page e.g. /content/geometrixx/en
  --timeout FLOAT           Set timeout for http requests in secs e.g. 1.5 or 5
  --verbose                 Enable verbose logging output
  --help                    Show this message and exit.


Tested with Python 3.6.x on Ubuntu 18.04

If you encounter issues with 3.6.x patch versions of Python, please open a Github issue.

Install needed requirements

make requirements

Run tool from commandline

$ ./


Build Docker image

$ make build

Run Docker container from built image

$ docker run scan

Run Docker container from built image with arguments

$ docker run scan \
    --website-url ""
    --website-page-path "/content/geometrixx/en"





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