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decimal implements arbitrary precision, decimal floating-point numbers, per the General Decimal Arithmetic specification.


  • Useful zero values. The zero value of a decimal.Big is 0, just like math/big.

  • Multiple operating modes. Different operating modes allow you to tailor the package's behavior to your needs. The GDA mode strictly implements the GDA specification, while the Go mode implements familiar Go idioms.

  • High performance. decimal is consistently one of the fastest arbitrary-precision decimal floating-point libraries, regardless of language.

  • An extensive math library. The math/ subpackage implements elementary and trigonometric functions, continued fractions, and more.

  • A familiar, idiomatic API. decimal's API follows math/big's API, so there isn't a steep learning curve.


go get




decimal uses Semantic Versioning. The current version is 3.3.1.

decimal only explicitly supports the two most recent major Go 1.X versions.


BSD 3-clause

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