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Source code for the Android music player Music Player GO


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  • Minimal interface
  • Equalizer
  • Music organised by artist, albums, songs and folders; tabs are organisable
  • Light, dark, automatic themes and accents
  • Now playing...
  • Embedded covers
  • Fast-seeking (by long-clicking the "Skip" buttons)
  • Audio focus, precise volume and headset management
  • Search, playback speed, sorting, shuffle...


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Authors / Copyleft Copyright

2021 Β© Enrico D'Ortenzio.

Third-party components


Name Author
Moshi Square
Indicator Fast Scroll Reddit - Steven Schoen
material-dialogs Aidan Follestad
recyclical Aidan Follestad
Edge-to-Edge Sergej Shafarenka
coil coil-kt

Tools / Graphics

Name Author
GIF optimisation-script Mathieu Aubin
Screener - Better screenshots Toastcode
Round icons Google
sort-alphabetical-descending-variant icon Austin Andrews templatarian
sort-alphabetical-ascending-variant icon Michael Irigoyen mririgo
sort-numeric-ascending-variant icon Michael Irigoyen mririgo
sort-numeric-descending-variant icon Michael Irigoyen mririgo
Compact disc icon

License details

This repository is copylefted libre software, licensed GPLv3, as described in the LICENSE file. Use, study, change and share at will; with all.

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