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Server-less & domain-less websites updatable via torrents and bitcoin blockchain.

live demo


Websites get seized by losing control over a webserver or a domain. If we replace both the webserver and the domain with torrents and blockchain then there's nothing left to seize.

How It Works

This repo contains two HTML files:

  • index.html is responsible for loading the webpage from torrent,
  • webpage.html is the actual webpage.

When you open index.html in the browser (live demo), here's what happens:

  1. Bitcoin address 1DhDyqB4xgDWjZzfbYGeutqdqBhSF7tGt4 is searched for the latest outgoing transaction containing OP_RETURN script. Inside the script there is a torrent infohash of webpage.html.
  2. webpage.html is downloaded from torrent via webtorrent and displayed.

How Is It Updated

To perform serverless updates, torrent of the updated webpage.html is created and its infohash is inserted into new bitcoin transaction sent from 1DhDyqB4xgDWjZzfbYGeutqdqBhSF7tGt4 address.

How Is It Domainless

Save the index.html to your PC and open it from localhost. It will still work and receive updates.

What Next

User Accounts

Users will be able to sign up by sending small amount of bitcoin to the 1DhDyqB4xgDWjZzfbYGeutqdqBhSF7tGt4 bitcoin address. Then they can update their content by inserting torrent infohashes into transactions sent from their addresses.


It will be possible to build complex serverless anonymous e-commerce websites using bitcoin for payments.

Project Status

Proof of concept, just for fun. Works in chrome, firefox and opera.

To create your own distributed webpage, take a look at web2web gateway.

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