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Hexo-Prism-Plugin NPM

Since highlight.js didn't support JSX syntax properly, I wrote this plugin to replace Hexo's default code highlight plugin.


npm i -S hexo-prism-plugin


Firstly, you should edit your _config.yml by adding following configuration.

  mode: 'preprocess'    # realtime/preprocess
  theme: 'default'
  line_number: false    # default false
  custom_css: 'path/to/your/custom.css'     # optional

After that, check highlight option in _config.yml. Make sure that default code highlight plugin is disabled.

  enable: false

Finally, clean and re-generate your project by running following commands:

hexo clean
hexo generate


  • mode:

    • realtime (Parse code on browser in real time)
    • preprocess (Preprocess code in node)
  • theme:

    • default
    • coy
    • dark
    • funky
    • okaidia
    • solarizedlight
    • tomorrow
    • twilight
    • atom-dark
    • base16-ateliersulphurpool.light
    • cb
    • duotone-dark
    • duotone-earth
    • duotone-forest
    • duotone-light
    • duotone-sea
    • duotone-space
    • ghcolors
    • hopscotch
    • pojoaque
    • vs
    • xonokai
  • line_number:

    • true (Show line numbers)
    • false (Default, Hide line numbers)
  • no_assets

    • true (Stop loading asset files)
    • false (Default, load script and stylesheets files)


You can check out prism-themes project for additional theme preview:

Supported languages

You could find the supported languages here:



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