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Magic plugin for CraftBukkit/Spigot. Adds powerful magic wands and items to your server.

Players may obtain or craft wands that can past a variety of configurable spells.


Distributed through BukkitDev:

Distributed through Spigot:





Config info:


Requires recent Java 8 JDK. Import directly as Maven Project. Build against parent with clean install


  • Lead Developer: NathanWolf
  • Contributing Developers:
    • killme
    • dumptruckman
    • S-Toad
    • Boosik
    • Dr00bles
    • grisstyl

Please see in the resource packs for artist credits!

Notes on Spell Icons

Some of the spell icons contained in this plugin are used with permission from eleazzaar's Painterly Spell Icons pack:

This pack is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0, any re-use needs to fall under that license and not the less-restrictive MIT license that covers the rest of the Magic source code and assets.


Issues, feature requests, or suggestions for this plugin should be made at our issue tracker:

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