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EMBArk - The firmware security scanning environment


EMBArk is the web based enterprise interface for the firmware security scanner EMBA. It is developed to provide the firmware security analyzer EMBA as a containerized service and to ease accessibility to the firmware scanning backend EMBA regardless of system and operating system.

Furthermore EMBArk improves the data provision by aggregating the various scanning results in an aggregated management dashboard.

Watch EMBArk

Automated setup (on Kali Linux)

  1. Checkout the repository (e.g. git clone
  2. Change directory to root of the repository i.e cd embark
  3. Run sudo ./ -d to run the default installation.
  4. Further details are available in the wiki (See installation)
  5. If you are running into issues or need to install EMBArk manually please take a look at the wiki (See build instructions)

EMBArk is using the firmware security scanner EMBA as backend. You can take a look at the EMBA repository and get more information about usage of EMBA in the wiki. Additionally you should check the EMBArk wiki.

Start Server

To start the EMBArk-Server simply run $ sudo ./ This starts the http-Server on


For developers we recommend simply using: sudo ./ -F and the ./dev-tools/ script.

Get involved

The IoT is growing, the development is ongoing, and there are many new features that we want to add. We welcome pull requests and bug reports or feature requests via issues on GitHub.


This project was originally initiated by Siemens Energy as AMOS project in cooperation with the FAU.

See also the original EMBArk AMOS project and AMOS.

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