Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Collection of Algorithms and Data Structures


  1. run npm install
  2. Select Algo/Data Structure you want to work on
  • remove x from xdescribe in the .test.js file
  • Add .only to the first describe in the .test.js file
  • like so: describe.only('FANCY ALGO', () => {})
  1. run npm test
  2. ???
  3. Profit


Each folder contains the solution, an empty file, and a file for the test specs. Most files also include a README describing the data structure or algo as well as the functions you need to implement.

Most of these implementations are what I have learned from the Coursera Princton Introduction to Algos Course, Part 1 and 2, and at Fullstack Academy. Although the Coursera course is in Java, I've implemented it in JavaScript.

I have written extensive test specs so others can use this repo to do test first learning. And also to check if the functions I wrote were actually doing what they were supposed to 😂.


A couple of the algorithms and data structures do not yet have test specs. Also the README's could be better. Will get on that...eventually...

Said Stuff:

  1. Test Specs
  • All sorting algos
  • KnuthShuffle
  • Heap Sort Readme
  • Graphs
    • bfs
    • dfs
  1. Write better README's for sorting algos

Coming Soon:

  1. Suffix Tree
  2. Topological Sort (using Tarjan's algorithm)
  3. Dijkstra's Algorithm
  4. Longest Common Subsequence (using dynamic programming)
  5. Knapsack Problem (using dynamic programming)
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