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[WIP] Roots Bedrock for WordPress running on Docker.
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Roots Bedrock for WordPress running on Docker

This is a Docker based local development environment for WordPress with Roots Bedrock.

What's Inside

This project is based on docker-compose. By default, the following containers are started: PHP-FPM, MariaDB, Elasticsearch, nginx, and Memcached. The /site/web directory is the web root which is mapped to the nginx container. See Bedrock for more info.

Docs from 10up/wp-docker

You can directly edit PHP, nginx, and Elasticsearch configuration files from within the repo as they are mapped to the correct locations in containers.

A Dockerfile is included for PHP-FPM (/dockerfiles/php-fpm/Dockerfile). This adds a few extra things to the PHP-FPM image.

The /config/elasticsearch/plugins folder is mapped to the plugins folder in the Elasticsearch container. You can drop Elasticsearch plugins in this folder to have them installed within the container.



  1. git clone [email protected]:dwnload/wp-docker-bedrock.git <my-project-name>
  2. cd <my-project-name>
  3. docker-compose up
  4. Run bash ./bin/setup.sh to download Bedrock.

Default MySQL connection information (from within PHP-FPM container):

Database: wordpress
Username: wordpress
Password: password
Host: mysql

Default Elasticsearch connection information (from within PHP-FPM container):

Host: http://elasticsearch:9200

Docker Compose Overrides File

Adding a docker-compose.override.yml file alongside the docker-compose.yml file, with contents similar to the following, allows you to change the domain associated with the cluster while retaining the ability to pull in changes from the repo.

version: '2'
      - "dashboard.dev:"


Add this alias to ~/.bash_profile to easily run WP-CLI command.

alias dcwp='docker-compose exec --user www-data phpfpm wp'

Instead of running a command like wp plugin install you instead run dcwp plugin install from anywhere inside the <my-project-name> directory, and it runs the command inside of the php container.

There is also a script in the /bin directory that will allow you to execute WP CLI from the project directory directly: ./bin/wp plugin install.

SSH Access

You can easily access the WordPress/PHP container with docker-compose exec. Here's a simple alias to add to your ~/.bash_profile:

alias dcbash='docker-compose exec --user root phpfpm bash'

This alias lets you run dcbash to SSH into the PHP/WordPress container.

Alternatively, there is a script in the /bin directory that allows you to SSH in to the environment from the project directory directly: ./bin/ssh.


This project is our own flavor of an environment created by the 10up team based on work by John Bloch. Some additional code was used from easypath/bedrock-docker.

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