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Converts and deploys a Markdown file to Confluence.

This project was created to sync Journal posts to Confluence as part of the CI process. However, it's able to more generally handle Markdown files that have front-matter at the top, such as those used in Hugo, Jeykll, etc.


To install the project, you need to first install the dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Alternatively, you can use the provided Dockerfile:

docker build -t markdown-to-confluence .


usage: [-h] [--git GIT] [--api_url API_URL]
                                 [--username USERNAME] [--password PASSWORD]
                                 [--space SPACE] [--ancestor_id ANCESTOR_ID]
                                 [--header HEADER] [--dry-run]
                                 [posts [posts ...]]

Converts and deploys a markdown post to Confluence

positional arguments:
  posts                 Individual files to deploy to Confluence (takes
                        precendence over --git)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --git GIT             The path to your Git repository (default:
  --api_url API_URL     The URL to the Confluence API (e.g.
  --username USERNAME   The username for authentication to Confluence
                        (default: env('CONFLUENCE_USERNAME'))
  --password PASSWORD   The password for authentication to Confluence
                        (default: env('CONFLUENCE_PASSWORD'))
  --space SPACE         The Confluence space where the post should reside
                        (default: env('CONFLUENCE_SPACE'))
  --ancestor_id ANCESTOR_ID
                        The Confluence ID of the parent page to place posts
                        under (default: env('CONFLUENCE_ANCESTOR_ID'))
  --header HEADER       Extra header to include in the request when sending
                        HTTP to a server. May be specified multiple times.
                        (default: env('CONFLUENCE_HEADER_<NAME>'))
  --dry-run             Print requests that would be sent- don't actually make
                        requests against Confluence (note: we return empty
                        responses, so this might impact accuracy)

What Posts are Deployed

This project assumes that the Markdown files being processed have YAML formatted front-matter at the top. In order for a file to be processed, we expect the following front-matter to be present:

    share: true

Deploying a Post

There are two ways to deploy a post:

Syncing from a Git Repository

This project was originally created to keep an instance of Journal in sync with a Confluence instance. To that end, this project is able to be run as part of a CI/CD pipeline, taking the Markdown files modified in the latest commit and syncing them to the upstream Confluence instance.

To enable this as part of your CI/CD pipeline, run markdown-to-confluence, providing the --git flag: --git /path/to/your/repo

Deploying Posts On-Demand

You may wish to deploy a post on-demand, rather than building this process into your CI/CD pipeline. To do this, just put the filenames of the posts you wish to deploy to Confluence as arguments: /path/to/your/

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