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The latest pre-release alpha versions of the LocalRadio app are available for download at this link.

LocalRadio is "Radio for Cord-Cutters", an experimental, GPL-2 licensed open-source application for listening to "software defined radio" on your Mac and mobile devices. With an inexpensive RTL-SDR device plugged into the Mac's USB port, LocalRadio provides a casual listening experience for your favorite local FM broadcasts, free music, news, sports, weather, public safety and aviation scanner monitoring, and other radio sources.

LocalRadio's easy-to-use web interface allows the radio to be shared from a Mac to iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and other PCs on your home network. No additional software or hardware is required for sharing with mobile devices, simply use the built-in mobile web browser to connect to LocalRadio and tune to your favorite stations. You can also listen to LocalRadio audio on your Apple TV and other AirPlay-compatible devices. Recent versions of LocalRadio have added an option for stereo listening of FM broadcasts and audio devices.

LocalRadio is intended for use as in-home entertainment, using a local area network with a private IP address. It has not been tested with a public IP address, particularly for security testing, therefore it is not recommended for that purpose. For simply listening to LocalRadio on the Mac with the RTL-SDR device plugged in, no network is required at all.

LocalRadio Screen Captures

LocalRadio Hardware Requirements

LocalRadio Application Notes

Project page:

A “pre-release” of LocalRadio v1.x is now available for download –

It is still experimental, with no independent testing yet.

The best way to report problems is at this GitHub Issues page –

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