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SSH tunnel proxy daemon


This repository contains a simple implementation of a SSH proxy daemon used to securely tunnel TCP connections in forward and reverse proxy mode. This tool provides equivalent functionality to using the ssh command's -L and -R flags.

Consider using if running behind a NAT that drops long-running TCP connections, but allows UDP traffic to reliably pass through.


Build the daemon:

go get -u

Create a configuration file:

	"KeyFiles": ["/path/to/key.priv"],
	"KnownHostFiles": ["/path/to/known_hosts"],
	"Tunnels": [{
		// Forward tunnel (locally binded socket proxies to remote target).
		"Tunnel": "bind_address:port -> dial_address:port",
		"Server": "[email protected]",
	}, {
		// Reverse tunnel (remotely binded socket proxies to local target).
		"Tunnel": "dial_address:port <- bind_address:port",
		"Server": "[email protected]",

The above configuration is equivalent to running the following:

ssh [email protected]$HOST -i /path/to/key.priv -L $BIND_ADDRESS:$BIND_PORT:$DIAL_ADDRESS:$DIAL_PORT
ssh [email protected]$HOST -i /path/to/key.priv -R $BIND_ADDRESS:$BIND_PORT:$DIAL_ADDRESS:$DIAL_PORT

Start the daemon (assuming $GOPATH/bin is in your $PATH):

sshtunnel /path/to/config.json

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