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This work represents collaborative work across Grinnell College (Shonda Kuiper), Lawrence University (Adam Loy) and Carleton College (Laura Chihara) funded by grants from the ACM and the Teagle Foundation.

  • data-scraping: An introduction to using rvest to scrape data from the web.

  • data-viz: An introduction to the ggplot2 package. The tutorial introduces how use the qplot function, how to build plots layer by layer using ggplot and geometries, and how the mplot function from the mosaic package can be used to generate ggplot2 graphics.

  • data-wrangling: An introduction to data wrangling using the dplyr functions filter, arrange, select, mutate, and summarize.

  • dates-times: An introduction to working with dates and times using the lubridate package.

  • intro-maps: An introduction to making choloropleth maps using ggplot2. (Depends on the ggplot2 tutorial.)

  • manipulating-text: An introduction to working with strings using the stringr package and regular expressions.

  • maps-shapefiles: An introduction to working with shapefiles to create maps in ggplot2. (Depends on the ggplot2 and maps-beginner tutorials.)

  • merging: An introduction to the different join statments available in the dplyr package.

  • tidying-data: An introduction to tidying data in R using the tidyr package. Examples using the gather, spread, and separate functions, both together and in concert, are provided.

  • CART: A brief overview of classification trees.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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