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Control Panel JS plugin for Craft CMS

Add custom JS to your Control Panel.

Easily insert additional JavaScript into the Craft Control Panel.

After installing the plugin, go to:

  • Settings > Control Panel JS

Your custom JavaScript can be saved in either (or both) of two places:

1) An external file in your public directory...

2) The "Additional JavaScript" field on the settings page...

You can customize your JavaScript in any way you see fit!

File Hashing

To ensure you get the freshest version of your JS, a cache-busting hash is appended to the end of each file reference.

This can be disabled by setting cacheBusting to false in the PHP config file...

// Disable hash-based cache busting
'cacheBusting' => false

See config file for usage instructions.

Anything else?

We've got other plugins too!

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On behalf of Double Secret Agency, thanks for checking out our plugin!

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