Prototype implementation of a Bezier curve approximation algorithm with biarcs
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4 years ago7
collection of projects and links about algorithm visualization
Computational Geometry283
3 years ago1mitC#
Computational Geometry Unity library with implementations of intersection algorithms, triangulations like delaunay, voronoi diagrams, polygon clipping, bezier curves, ear clipping, convex hulls, mesh simplification, etc
Wechart14613 years ago3July 30, 20181JavaScript
Create all the [ch]arts by cax or three.js - Cax 和 three.js 创造一切图[表]
Bezier Points76302 months ago6September 23, 20231mitTypeScript
Pico8 Collection53
7 years agomit
Repository containing some of my Pico-8 experiments.
a year agomitC#
Prototype implementation of a Bezier curve approximation algorithm with biarcs
Uav Path Optimization20
6 years agoMatlab
2D path-planning algorithm which uses a receding horizon approach and quadratic Bezier curves.
Bezier Curve17
10 years ago1C++
A C++ program created Bezier Curve and Bezier Surface using two different approaches
Curve Intersection13
9 years ago1JavaScript
Bezier curve intersection algorithm and utilities.
Bezier Intersect1166 years ago3May 18, 20181JavaScript
Set of functions to find intersections between lines and rectangles and Bezier curves of order 2 and 3
Alternatives To Bezier2biarc
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Bezier curve approximation algorithm with biarcs



Simple C# application to illustrate the algorithm of approximating a cubic bezier curve with biarcs. The algorithm is explained in the blog post at


This is a new implementation based on dotnet MAUI as the original Windows.Form implementation put an unacceptable hard requirement on Windows. You can still find the original one on the winforms branch.

The algorithm is also be available in Haskell, incorporated into my JuicyGcode project.


  • Install community edition of Visual Studio 2022 (at least 17.4) or the latest Visual Studio for Mac
  • Install .NET 7.0 SDK
  • Check out the repository and run dotnet workload restore
  • Open BiArcTutorial.csproj and pray
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