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SOCKS5 client/server library using async/.await

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🚸 Currently it’s in heavy development and may frequently change.


  • An async/.await SOCKS5 implementation.
  • No unsafe code
  • Built on-top of async-std library
  • Ultra lightweight and scalable
  • No system dependencies
  • Cross-platform
  • Authentication methods:
    • No-Auth method
    • Username/Password auth method
    • Custom auth methods can be implemented via the Authentication Trait
  • All SOCKS5 RFC errors (replies) should be mapped
  • AsyncRead + AsyncWrite traits are implemented on Socks5Stream & Socks5Socket
  • IPv4, IPv6, and Domains types are supported
  • Config helper for Socks5Server
  • Helpers to run a Socks5Server à la "async-std's TcpStream" via
  • Examples come with real cases commands scenarios
  • Can disable DNS resolving
  • Can skip the authentication/handshake process, which will directly handle command's request (useful to save useless round-trips in an already authenticated environment)
  • Can disable command execution (useful if you just want to forward the request to an another server)


Open in


Please check examples directory.

# Run client
RUST_LOG=debug cargo run --example client -- --socks-server --username admin --password password -a -p 80

# Run server
RUST_LOG=debug cargo run --example server -- --listen-addr password -u admin -p password

# Test it with cURL
curl -v --proxy socks5://admin:[email protected]:1337


  • Tests have to be implemented
  • Better Rust doc
  • Bind command not implemented
  • UDP command not implemented

Inspired by

Thanks to all these SOCKS5 projects

Further consideration

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