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The UHSDR Project

UHSDR stands for UniversalHamSoftwareDefinedRadio. The project provides the firmware to run standalone HAM transceivers. It currently supports STM32F4 and STM32F7 MCU based QSD designs. The current firmware provides receive and transmit for various analog modes (SSB,AM, FM) including modes like Synchronous AM, plus digital modes like FreeDV, RTTY and of course CW (including Iambic/Ultimatic keyer). An USB CAT and audio interface is part of the firmware as well. The bootloader, which is another part of the project, permits to update the firmware and bootloader using various means like USB disk or USB cable.

The base of the firmware was started by Chris, M0NKA, and Clint, KA7OEI as part of the mcHF project. In February 2017 both agreed to change firmware license to GPLv3. Because of this the mcHF firmware has been extended in this project with new functionality and also with support for use on different transceiver hardware. For clarifying different license models on mcHF hardware and mcHF firmware the name of the firmware changed to UHSDR.

The intent of this project is to give full support for mcHF (and all other known and listed hardware platforms) as long as there are contributors willing to support the given hardware.

So this is the best place to start with up-2-date developed firmware and bootloader for mcHF.

Binaries of actual development are available as "bleeding edge builds". Since 08-19-2017 all binaries which are populated are archived and can accessed at GitHub startup page (see link a few lines down).

If you want to see the recent progress of the project, have a look at the commits here.

You can find descriptions of menus and operating hints at our WIKI All this is bundled in startup page.

Have fun - Open-Source opens possibilities!

M0NKA, Chris
KA7OEI, Clint
DF8OE, Andreas
DB4PLE, Danilo
DD4WH, Frank
DL2FW, Michael
SP9BSL, Slawek
and the complete UHSDR community

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