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Dragonfly is a heavily asynchronous server software for Minecraft Bedrock Edition written in Go. It was written with scalability and simplicity in mind and aims to make the process of setting up a server and modifying it easy. Unlike other Minecraft server software, Dragonfly is generally used as a library to extend.

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Getting started

Running Dragonfly requires at least Go 1.18. After starting the server through one of the methods below, ctrl+c may be used to shut down the server. Also check out the wiki for more detailed info.

Installation as library

go mod init
go get


Installation of the latest commit

git clone
cd dragonfly
go run main.go


Developer info

Go Reference

Dragonfly features a well-documented codebase with an easy-to-use API. Documentation may be found here and in the subpackages found by clicking Directories.

Publishing your project on GitHub? Consider adding the #df-mc topic to your repository and opening a pull request at df-wiki adding your project as a Community Project to improve its visibility.


Contributions are very welcome! Issues, pull requests and feature requests are highly appreciated. Opening a pull request? Consider joining our Discord server to discuss your changes! Also have a read through the for more info.

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