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Project WebCube (monorepo)

Continuously updated JS infrastructure for modern web dev

NOTE: This repo itself is also a template or starter for Universal JS monorepo


  • webcube - Continuously updated JS infrastructure for modern Universal JS web app/site and static web.
    • eslint-config-webcube - A sharable ESLint presets which integrates Prettier and explicitly configures all-available rules (guaranteed by scripts) from ESLint core and commonly used plugins.
  • nodecube - Continuously updated JS infrastructure for Node.js microservice or API gateway service.
  • redux-cube - App state manager. A set of wrappers which simplify the use of Redux and its whole ecosystem, reduce boilerplate, and provide many features (Sub App, Reducer Bundle, ...)
  • redux-source - Using GraphQL schema and query language to access any data source (eg. RESTful APIs) and automatically generate reducers, actions and normalized state
  • react-with-scripts - Add third party script tags, JS SDK and tracking code without modifying any HTML code
  • react-common-kit - Wrappers for some common used react components and utilities
  • hifetch - A minimal higher-level wrapper around Fetch API


Examples (in monorepo)

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