Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

The Interactive Python notebooks can be opened using tools like Jupyter Notebooks or by opening .ipynb files in Github/browser

For Python3

Install the required libraries using Pip such as
pip install sklearn
pip install pandas
pip install numpy
pip install matplotlib

For R

Install the required libraries using install.packages or RStudio
Run the files using
R -f <filename>


Run in RStudio


SVM Radial Basis Function RBF

Variation with C and Gamma

SVM variations with C and Gamma

Tuning a linear SVM for Purpose

SVC Types

Running algorithms to find the best parameters

Grid Search

Grid Search

Principle Component Analysis

Plot the data

Kaggle Credit Card Fraud

True Positive Rate vs False Positive Rate on Credit Card data


Precision Recall on Credit Card data

Precision Recall


1. Dummy data and practise from Coursera - Machine Learning - University of Michigan

2. Kaggle datasets and competitions

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